How It Began

Pastor Sundarlal


GRACE TOTALLIFE MINISTRIES was founded by Pastor Sundarlal in the year 2000 in Rajahmundry and later moved to Vijayawada. Grace Totallife Ministries is today truly the rural and tribal ministry uniquely bringing glory to God and taking His Word to the tribal people who do not know about the living God. 

Pastor Sundarlal is the second child of his parents who earned their livelihood working in the medical fields on the banks of the Krishna River in a city called Vijayawada, now the capital of Andhra Pradesh (State).

Born in Andhra, his childhood was a time of penury and hardship. Being brilliant in studies from a very young age, he received help and encouragement from his teachers who allowed him to continue with his studies. Despite a difficult lifestyle, he continued his studies and graduated in Bible Theory from Good Shepherd Evangelism in 1997 and served as an Associate Pastor in Hyderabad Good Shepherd Church and started his own ministry in 2000 by the call of the mighty God.

Over the years, with the help of his wife, Gracylal, Pastor Sundarlal has trained many young people through Grace Totallife Ministries. Gracylal was born in a family who worshiped idols and trees. When marrying Pastor Sundarlal, she understood the Word of God and the importance of the living God. She gave her life to Christ and started supporting her husband in his ministry and now she oversees the Grace Totallife Ministries Orphans Home.

God visited Pastor Sundarlal and his wife and gave them a daughter named Sophielal, and later blessed them with a son, Joylal. 

His vision is to be a church that offers full adoration to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, have a genuine love for our fellow man, seek to evangelize our lost world, disciple new believers toward faithful stewardship and live as though our Redeemer could return any day.

God gave a vision to Pastor Sundarlal and called him out to serve Him in the tribal places.  The tribal people are in dire need of the gospel.  They lack material comforts and are rejected by society and, therefore, neglected by everyone - including governmental institutions. They are forced to live in the jungle and forests of India in deplorable conditions, without education, proper hygiene, a clean and safe water source, electricity and many other necessities. They live among venomous snakes and wild beasts like bears, tigers and other dangers.  No one helps them. But it is in these tribal places that God is using Pastor Sundarlal in powerful and often surprising ways.