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Welcome to Grace TotalLife Ministries! Our mission is to share the gospel message of Jesus Christ to the Indian people.  We do this through adult literacy programs, widow care, youth ministry, church planting, women’s fellowship, pastors’ seminars, Evangelical and gospel crusades and hands-on-training for our pastors.  


Our Mission Field

India’s population is over one  billion.  80% are Hindu, 12% are Muslim and only 3% are considered Christian.  Over 500,000 villages have never heard the gospel. The polytheistic religion of Hinduism is believed to have over 330,000,000 gods and goddesses.  In a land where idols are worshiped in pagan temples, very few have ever heard of the One True Son of God, Jesus Christ.  

It is to this culture and these people  that Grace TotalLife Ministries has been called to proclaim a message of hope and salvation through the gospel of Jesus Christ.